I am specialized in coaching women and men willing to reach a better professional or personal wellbeing, and move forward in their life.

I also help high-school and college students in their orientation and preparation for school interviews.

Before being an independent coach, I have a 15-years work experience in local and international companies. My responsibilities as a leader in Human Resources gives me an expertise in change management which occurs in today’s companies and impacts employees either on a personal or collective level.
I have always had a passion for individuals, with their complexity and potential.

I identify quickly the sources of personal or professional conflicts that bring stress, ambivalence and uneasiness.

My expatriation to the USA has increased my interest for individuals, and I know how to deal with expatriates and “following spouses” ‘ concerns. In this context, I lead even more the change management, from the individual to the collective angle. Unstable environments, atypical careers are opportunities for personal developments and agility, and I think that these qualities would need to be more enhanced in the workplace.


I respect the deontology of my professional field. I got my expertise from certifications in : Executive Coach from the HEC School (Paris), Career Management Coach from The Academies.

I am also trained in Process com, Transactional Analysis (101), MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction), Life Coaching from CTI in the USA.
I am a certified practitioner to use the MBTI, Motiva, and Predictive index tools. I am an A.C.C. (Accredited certified coach) from the I.C.F. (International Coaching Federation).

I have a particular interest in managing professional transitions, conflicts, new position challenges and supporting managers.

“I like people, I thrive in making them improve, support them in their new path of life. I have a passion for transitions, I like to break common beliefs and put an emphasis on needs to develop energy“.